Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July's gifts

Each day brings a multitude of opportunities to feel gratitude and appreciation....

1584) beautifully kind and sincere compliments 
1585) healing tears and laughter shared with new friends
1586) wisdom and insight 
1587) exercise that releases tension from the body
1588) my dear sweet neighbour treating me to dinner out
1589) a de-stressing neck massage
1590) winning a prize: a hamper filled with delicious chocolates and other treats
1591) watching a comedy with my friend, good for the soul
1592) a sweet friend preparing dinner for my family
1593) chatting with friends as we did beading together
1594) good coffee and warm blankets
1595) hot chocolate on a cold winter evening
1596) family pitching in to help with household chores
1597) loads of fire wood delivered by my brother
1598) beautiful messages from my mum and sisters
1599) time to just be...
1600) breakfast and conversations with a sweet new friend that lasted 5 hours!
1601) a bad fall but not too badly hurt and managing not to break the mosaic I had worked hours on
1602) a wonderful fun filled day enjoyed with my children
1603) the company of my cute little nephew and his mom and dad, good food shared,
 a warm fire and lots to catch up on
1604) a card and little gift from my mum
1605) home made ginger and melon preserve sent from my far away farm sister
1606) time enjoyed with hubby
1607) watching my almost teen boy enjoying time with his much younger second cousins, 
us mums enjoying each others company too
1608) a book prize arriving in the mail today, perfect to stash away for an up coming birthday
1609) taking care of my delightful nephew, his sweet face brightening my day
1610)  breakfast with a new friend, wonderful to catch up and share each others joys

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