Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Counting Blessings

1634) my sweet nephew here, baby kisses and giggles and fun 
1635) gift learned: a weekend away, paid for about 3 years ago but not taken... 
still available and booked for a weeks time
1636) a morning of mosaic and chatter with a dear new friend
1637) delicious dinner made by my almost 13 year old boy
1638) a nap when much needed
1639) treat of a free Mandela Day haircut with friends
1640) wonderful to "give back" with kids this afternoon, packing stationery for underprivileged little people
1641) blessed by my doctor giving me a free consultation today
1642) a lovely surprise gift from my dear sister
1643) my new and amazing friends, seeing them and catching up
1644) my brother, his insight and hospitality when I needed it most
1645) chai lattes and breakfast with my dear cousin and aunt
1646) a warm fire and family conversations 
1647) a day resting and relaxing after a crazy busy week
1648) dinner made by my dear hubby
1649) long distance conversations with my mum and older sister
1650) wonderful worship in church this morning and an encouraging message
1651) beautiful weather and an impromptu neighbourhood braai this evening
1652) being able to laugh at ourselves
1653) hearing the words "I missed you".... filled with so much meaning for me
1654) a surprise blessing from my dear sister
1655) sharing with a dear friend


  1. Love it ... not always easy to see blessings amidst heartache but they are there for those of us who truly look. All things work together for good :)

    1. yes, there is always something to be thankful for :)


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