Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with a cute visitor

This week has been a busy one and I sure am glad it is the weekend....

People we've seen and places we've been:

We had my almost 3 year old nephew here for a morning and he is an absolute delight. Keren managed to stay on track with her work while he was here but Zak spent a fair amount of time playing beautifully with him and swimming. Thankfully he could catch up later in the day.
My niece spent time here too, setting up a photo shoot for a project she needed to complete. And we were glad when she could stay for dinner .
Hubby and I visited a new connect group this week and the kids had their group here too. 
I got to see a dear friend as we enjoyed this month's Girlfriends Getaway at the movies. Always a fun evening with lots of treats and goodies and usually a great movie.

Keren and I made it to just one session of Walk for Life. We also joined Curves for a free month's trial. A lovely gym for ladies only. She got to train today but as I seem to be fighting a cold or flu, I only managed to try out the machines yesterday when we were being shown around. I look forward to our month there and getting back to walking next week too.
Keren enjoyed her Ballroom dance class and also did some babysitting this week. 
Zak practiced basketball this week but did not play the week's game.
 He attended a casting for Fanta and has another one tomorrow. 
It would be great if he got to feature in an ad!
Josh booked his driver's license and I look forward to the day he can pick up or drop off the kids!

In our homeschool this week: 

Keren started Consumer Studies and has been learning all about budgeting. A useful tool for a future homemaker. She also had to produce her first assignment for her portfolio and she wrote a great essay on a poem she had studied. Though the work load is heavy, she is enjoying her studies. 

She ran her first craft class of the year where she taught the girls to make jewelry boxes from old 2 liter coke bottles that have been decoupaged. They also made charm bracelets. It's great that she can earn some pocket money by running the classes.

I decided to research Easy Peasy all in one Homeschool and I like what I see. I started Zak on some of the math and language this week.
 He and I also enjoyed reading about Anne Frank and I think it was the first time he actually understood the tragedy and atrocity of war and the effects on humankind. 
During our read aloud time he has been making more HOPE bracelets for the Chaeli Campaign. 

Our favorite thing this week was the fact we could escape the heat and jump into the pool between lessons and before or after school! 
And then of course the younger two always look forward to Friday evening youth. 

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