Monday, February 3, 2014

February's gifts

The weeks are full and busy and not without stress but there is much to be thankful for amidst the daily chores, tasks and work....

1877) the sound of my teens laughing together
1878) my niece and my daughter cooking a delicious dinner for us all
1879) new school books arriving this week
1880) early morning walks enjoyed with my girl
1881) our swimming pool, looking good and running well for the first time in two years....wonderful to dip in in this week's heat
1882) surprise parcel from Ireland
1883) best ever jaffa cakes shared with the family
1884) my girl giving me a much needed pedicure
1885) gift in a person: my sweet girl, such wisdom and comfort in her words....beyond her years
1886) my girl colouring away the grays for me and helping me feel a little more human :)
1887) fun time out with my girl, visiting markets
1888) hubby working hard in the garden, making it look good
1889) a sweet friend inviting us over for a roast dinner
1890) wisdom in the words of a young man
1891) grace in action
1892) thankful for protection for myself and my friend when glass shattered all over us
1893) thankful for a great evening braai with friends
1894) conversation and long distance laughter with my much missed Mum
1895) chocolates and hugs from my hubby
1896) girl cousins happily helping prepare dinner again tonight
1897) much laughter shared with my youngest today


  1. Great list. The glass? Pretty scary. Glad you weren't hurt. Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks :) The glass was a freak umbrella flew up in the air and came crashing down and smashed a large glass on the table which flew all over us. Glad no one was hurt too!

  2. Wendy,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Ann's link up, and am instantly intrigued by your references to living overseas somewhere. Fun! Where are brai and jaffa cakes cooked? It reminds me of my days living in West Africa, but is obviously elsewhere.

    Counting gifts with you, grinning as the shared joy of laughing with teens (yes!), and remembering the great fragrances and sights of open air markets.
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. We live in South Africa. A braai is a barbecue and Jaffa Cakes are delicious chocolate covered cookies with a filling of orange jam . Hopping over to visit you now too :)


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