Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with Shakespeare under the stars

This week's weather has been glorious....hubby and I have left footprints in the sand and enjoyed the warm waters of the ocean on more than one occasion.

The two of us also took part in market research on online shopping habits and were paid in Woolworths vouchers, a great blessing!

The high-lite of the week for the kids was our annual outing to Maynardville Park. Their cousin joined us and we enjoyed a picnic dinner and Shakespeare under the stars, the Tragedy of Richard 3rd. The show did not fail to disappoint and the setting was just magnificent.

In the kitchen this week, there was meatloaf, most delicious, with loads of fresh herbs from the garden. Zak was proud of his tasty meal!

Keren baked copious amounts of cupcakes. The first batch were for a local shop and when she took them in, they wanted just three testers so they could decide if they would like to purchase from her in future. She had loads leftover and decided to "love bomb" strangers in the post office by giving them cupcakes....they were most  grateful and surprised by her kindness. 

The mini pink cupcakes were baked for all the youth at last night's fun Valentines evening. There was dress up, a fashion show, competitions, dancing, a photo booth and an awesome time of fellowship.

As the kids were all out on Valentines, we did a special candlelit dinner as a family the night before. 
We enjoyed a fantastic meal thanks to our Woolworths vouchers.

In our home-school this week there has been some fun doing PE as part of Keren's life orientation course. More new books arrived which have made a big difference and we found some fun free sites for Zak to use. He has been brushing up on his touch typing with Typing Club and he has been doing Math and Language with MobyMax, a complete K-8 curriculum .He loves the online interactive learning.
We have read through the book of Esther and enjoyed a discussion around our reading with the young people that meet here on Wednesday evenings for connect group.
Zak is reading the 7th book in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle. 

Keren has been working on her final Mona Lisa on canvas.
 At art  Zak worked with clay again. He made it to one basketball practice this week and attended his monthly Chaeli Campaign meeting where he handed the last of the funds he raised for his project selling sprudels. The Chaeli Campaign was his chosen beneficiary. 
This morning he has gone to a work party for the Chaeli Campaign. They are making HOPE bracelets which will be sold to raise funds. 

All in all a great week! Hope yours was good too!


  1. Ooh I just love visiting here for some sunshine .... keep the gorgeous beach photos coming!! :-)
    Looks like a lovely week, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by :) We are enjoying the sunshine!


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