Monday, June 16, 2014

June's Joyful Thanks

2083) log fires and pjs on cold days
2084) treated to lunch by my kind friend
2085) safe travels for my son
2086) delicious doughnuts made by my girl
2087) dinner and conversations with old friends we haven't seen in a while
2088) my sweet nephew spending the night with me
2089) kids all getting home safely on a rainy night
2090) Sunday chats with my sister
2091) restorative rest
2092) thankful that He sustains us
2093) blessed that we can pray together as a family
2094) fire side school while it storms outside
2095) long distance call from my Mum
2096) an exam that seemingly went well for my girl
2097) a relaxing facial and foot massage, wonderful treat at the end of a long week
2098) gift of a doggy bed and treats for our dog from my kind neighbor
2099) rain letting up so the mounds of washing can get dry
2100) wonderful evening with new friends, good food, great company and lots of laughs
2101) hubby making dinner
2102) beautiful message of His love and breaking of bread at this morning's service
2103) friends we can be real with
2104) teen cousins laughing, making memories and enjoying one another's company
2105) His saving grace over the last year
2106) thankful for my pressure cooker, a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle, served us well for 22 years
2107) wise counsel
2108) my comfy, warm bed on cold winter's nights
2109) dinner with my loved ones despite the power failure
2110) using my Mother's Day voucher, getting my hair done in time before my hairdresser is off for 6 weeks
2111) tasty curry cooked by and shared with friends
2112) winning a Woolies voucher
2113) good food bought with that voucher
2114) thankful for the great Dad my hubby is to our three
2115) thankful for my Dad and his gentle and wise ways
2116) time out with my Dad and brother sharing delicious breakfast together
2117) delightful sound of my 3 year old nephew's laughter

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