Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with an art exhibition

The week seems to have flown by in a flash. A short week as Monday was a public holiday.
I had a lovely start to the week, breakfast out with my brother and my Dad. The kids took advantage of the public holiday too and treated hubby to a movie and milkshakes for Father's Day. 

The short school week went well with Zak making great progress and meeting all his daily goals. 
For history we have moved on to the Ancient Greeks which makes for interesting reading. We are reading The Story of the Greeks , some Greek Myths as well as Glaucia the Greek Slave, a tale of Athens in the first century, by Emma Leslie. Alongside the reading, we are doing a unit study by Brandenburg. It is an interactive web unit with almost limitless possibilities - multimedia, online books, documents, images and virtual tours. Right up Zak's alley!

Read aloud time is often spent under layers of blankets in my room, with mild winter sunshine streaming through the sliding door. Zak often draws while listening, below is one from this week.

On Thursday evening we visited the extra mural student's art exhibition at Frank Joubert. 
We don't always get to see what Zak is working on so it was great to see his work on display.

I can just imagine this frog hiding in my garden somewhere...

I love the colours in his sea painting...

His pen drawing of table Mountain is his favorite...

I know his duck took weeks to work on...

Keren has been studying for her mid year exams and she wrote the first this week. She also received the results of last weeks art theory exam and did exceptionally well. It's wonderful when all the hours put into an exam pay off with such fantastic results. Her term mark for her art practical was also brilliant.

She has been working on this sketch of her cousin over the last week and today she is at her Grandpa's studio painting this same picture. 

We were thrilled to receive our things back from the Clay Cafe this week.

I absolutely love Keren's hand-painted giant cup and plate. 
It took hours of patient work. 
We have decided we need to visit there soon for more fun.

My sushi platter turned out ok though it seems I rubbed a little of the paint off on one side.

Besides all the work and art, there was also time for a stroll in the sunshine with our boisterous dog...

The sun is shining beautifully today and I think it's time to get out for another walk...
How was your week?

Weekly Wrap-Up


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