Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Wintery One!

This week has been really cold and wet. 
What a pleasure to be huddled up under blankets with a crackling fire, sipping warm drinks, reading good books, studying or learning new concepts. 

Zak had his technology class on Monday and learned to make a dove tail joint. 

Next month he will use this new skill for a project.

We continued learning about the central nervous system and found this cool brain hemisphere hat to review the lobes of the brain and their functions. 

We started and finished our history unit on the Maya. 
It was also time to grade his terms work and he was very chuffed with his A for math, B for English,
 and C for science. 

Much of Keren's week was taken up with studying for her mid year art history exam. I spent time questioning her and was really glad I didn't have to remember all that information! 
She knew her work well and believed that the exam went well yesterday.

 Her term practical was due in today as well as her visual diary, so it was art ,

art and more art...

I love this painting and can sit looking at it for ages hunting for all the birds hidden everywhere. 
The painting was inspired by the Russian fairy tale of The Snow Maiden.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no deadlines, 
perhaps keeping warm with a good book!

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