Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With Eyeballs and Brain Surgery

The week has flown by...
It's been jam packed with activities and the house has been a little like a railway station. 
Monday afternoon we had our little nephew here, Zak had a friend over on two different days as well as  Josh's girlfriend being here to study on days she is not writing exams. Hubby and Josh were both off sick and home on different days. The youth filled the kitchen on Wednesday evening and had fun making paper mache rocks as decor for the upcoming holiday club. 

Despite the railway station, we still managed a good school week.
 Zak and I have been reading The Tempest, scene by scene. I always like to read or listen to a simpler version of Shakespeare so the kids get a good idea of the story before diving into the real thing. We found a great audio version on Open Education Source which has more than 11 000 free audio books.

He had to do virtual deep brain stimulation surgery for science. It was great for him to see what his Grandpa does at work but we know for sure he will not be the next neurosurgeon in the family! 
He was feeling rather green when he had to "cut" the patient's head!

Go on, give it a bash and help the Dr cut, probe and drill her way to helping the 
patient with Parkinsons over at Edheads.

We moved on to study the eye and watched the dissection of a cow's eyeball

That's where I draw the line and much rather prefer watching it online than actually doing it ourselves at home. 

And today he brought some art home.

Keren's week was filled with goals that needed to be met and she finished off two subjects for the term. She did her first oral for Afrikaans which will count toward her term mark. She was excited that her exams arrived and we both look forward to getting them over and done with. 

For consumers, she made the most delicious choux pastry puffs....

filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce.
 A tasty treat that was enjoyed by all!

Of course we watched the opening ceremony of the World Cup and tonight hubby (dressed in his Dutch supporter sweater and scarf) and I enjoyed the game between Holland and Spain while the kids were at youth. 

We look forward to a relaxing long weekend. 

Weekly Wrap-Up


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