Monday, June 30, 2014

June's Gifts

Thankful for good and perfect gifts from above...

2118) thankful for the plans He has for each of our precious three
2119) my oldest and his girlfriend cooking dinner for the family when hubby and I were not well
2120) girl cousins cleaning up the kitchen
2121) wonderful walk in the winter sunshine with my youngest and our dog
2122) hubby sharing his chocolates with me
2123) a touching message of heartfelt thanks
2124) our girl's wonderful marks for her mid year art exam
2125) thankful she was unharmed in the car accident she was in, and thankful for a kind passer by
2126) restorative rest
2127) perfect sunny winter weekend weather
2128) finger-licking ice cream pancakes shared with loved ones
2129) sounds of guinea fowl, geese and birdsong on a winter's day walk
2130) family chat group that keeps us connected and praying for one another
2131) thankful for Ann Voskamp's beautiful words
2132) time for another brisk walk on a perfect evening
2133) midweek girls evening out with my girl : good laughs, goody bags, foot massage and manicures, 
just what we both needed
2134) cozy pj day
2135) thankful that my two youngest were safe and unharmed in yet another car accident
2136) gift of my favorite chocolates as a peace offering
2137) His Word comforting my soul
2138) bumping into old friends
2139) thankful to be given something I would have had to buy
2140) time out with my girl again
2141) school holidays

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