Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Grateful Thanks

This post is a little late but better late than never.
 There is always something to be thankful for....

2176) winning another competition, a massage at a wonderful spa
2177) evening with my dear friend, laughing, good coffee and sharing waffles
2178) gift of stone: the heart of stone gifted by my sister that reminds me of her daily
2179) my oldest handing me a cuppa first thing this morning without me asking
2180) sleep...lots of sleep
2181) plans that were cancelled...more time to relax
2182) thankful we are part of a wonderful church family where my kids are learning to serve others
2183) thankful to be able to give back on Mandela Day
2184) thankful to be paid for my opinion in a market research group
2185) hubby's homemade pizzas, laughter and friends
2186) my cute nephew popping in for a visit with his daddy
2187) my boy feeling better after an awful bug
2188) hubby doing shopping when I was down and out with a migraine
2189) hubby taking care of dinner too
2190) our beautiful girl speaking in church this morning
2191) sunshine after the rains
2192) low key start to school because we can
2193) wonderful evening out with hubby at the waterfront
2194) enjoying my prize recently won, a relaxing massage
2195) thankful we are getting into a good rhythm with the new school term
2196) sounds of my oldest two laughing and enjoying each others company
2197) blessed to be of encouragement to my sister
2198) thankful for answered prayers
2199) wonderful sounds of youth connect group in our lounge
2200) delicious celebratory family birthday dinner
2201) thankful for our son's health and well being for the last 19 years
2202) a good night's sleep with my three year old nephew snuggled up next to me
2203) a gift fresh:  free range eggs from my brother's chickens
2204) a gift at home: quiet after all the loudness and fun of birthday celebrations
2205) a gift in relaxation: a day with absolutely no agendas
2206) blessed with a bag of wool
2207) gift together: my youngest boy and I spending our mornings together schooling, a privilege to have this              time together
2208) gift heard: teens laughing loud and having fun
2209) spoiled with chocolates 

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