Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July Joys

He is good, the source of all good things!
 Counting my joys and celebrating life while precious memories are made....

2142) gifts loved : my beautiful children
2143) gifts loved : my comfy and warm bed
2144) gifts loved : an early morning excursion to the botanical gardens with my two youngest
2145) gifts read: encouraging messages from my Mum
2146)gifts read: beautiful message of appreciation from my sweet friend
2147) my sweet and gentle friend treating me to breakfast, the two us laughing, sharing and even crying together, a blessed morning
2148) a box of wonderfully scented aromatherapy fabric softener to share with friends from Home Tester Club
2149) a gift in freedom: holidays, freedom to lie in in , freedom to relax
2150) a gift in family: my guys and me around the dinner table, good food and good conversations
2151) a gift in faith: comforting life giving , faith building words in a recent read
2152) a day with no agenda whatsoever!
2153) wonderful fun evening celebrating a friend's birthday
2154) a couple of hours paid work for me
2155) gift of enthusiasm: my gorgeous nephew and his cuddles
2156) eggs from by brother's chickens
2157) buyers for secondhand curriculum
2158) finding a beautifully warm jacket for my boy at 30% off
2159) thankful the kids can spend time with their grandparents
2160) surprise voice notes from my mum and sister who are together, lovely to hear their voices
2161) thankful for a tank full from a friend who borrowed my car, a real blessing!
2162) waffles shared with hubby
2163) catch up over coffee with a friend
2164) gifts from a friend who recently traveled to Italy
2165) wise counsel bringing hope and change for the better
2166) overnight visit to my Dad
2167) breathtaking views from his home, soul food
2168) free time, lots of it
2169) prize of a visit to the science center shared with a dear friend and her son
2170) hubby making dinner
2171) hugs from my eldest
2172) my girl, safely back home after a week away
2173) surprise visit from my bubbly niece
2174) happy voice notes from my Mum
2175) chats with my far away farm sister

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