Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Last of the Holidays

It was our last week of holidays before term 3 starts. I can scarcely believe the 3 weeks have flown by so fast and feel like we could do with another one off.
The days all had an early start with Zak and Keren leaving just after 6 in the morning with hubby. They spent their days working at holiday club at the Constantia campus.

They got home late every day and were tired but happy. I missed them terribly and the days were long without them. I am grateful that we don't usually get up so early and grateful that we made the choice to home school so we can spend our days together. 

My week was less productive than I had hoped it to be but I sorted the office and did the necessary daily chores and rested lots. The rest was good. I suppose that is what holidays are about as term time is usually so very busy.

My dear friend and I went to the monthly Girlfriends Getaway at the movies but were really disappointed with the movie. We didn't stay and watch it, but rather walked out and enjoyed coffee and a waffle together. It was great to catch up. That will teach me to review the movie in future and not just trust that it is a good choice!

On Thursday evening another friend and I enjoyed a market research group where we were paid to give our opinions on fabric softeners. It was a fun group with a bunch of lovely ladies! Afterwards she and her son joined us for hubby's delicious homemade pizza. 

Friday was Mandela Day and my neighbor and I went to do our 67 minutes for Operation Smile at the mall. 

We each colored a doll which is then given to the children who are operated on. It was wonderful to give back to the community and there was a happy festive atmosphere. 

Late on Friday evening Zak and Keren came home exhausted from their week at holiday club and their evening at youth. Poor Zak woke in the middle of the night feeling really ill. The day has been spent sleeping on and off as we had a really disturbed night. I am hoping he will be better in the morning!
Keren has been enjoying her first bit of real holiday and has made the most of enjoying time with friends today.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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