Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

There has been much to be thankful for over the last few weeks. 

birthday breakfast surrounded by beautiful girlfriends
spoiled with pampering gifts
beautiful flowers gracing my table
perfect gift from my in laws
family dinner
mosaic fun with my dear friend
my Godfather visiting and treating us to take out dinner
phone calls and wishes from family and friends far and wide
good results from medical tests
my boy stopping in for lunch
feel good funny movie with my sweet friend
safe travels to the far away farm
all four of us siblings at the farm house
cousins reunited and having a blast

seeing my dear Mum and surprising her by being there

wonderful celebratory birthday dinner for my Mum
visiting Clarens, a place I have always wanted to see

wide open spaces with magnificent views of the good for the soul

pink sunsets
restorative rest
good wholesome farm food straight from the garden to the table
late night laughter and conversations
country night sky....billions of stars
miraculous reconciliation
incredible hospitality of my dear sister and her husband
Christmas celebrated with precious loved ones
New year filled with His hope
travelling mercies on the long journey home
reunited with hubby after 2 weeks away
first church service of the year
Sunday afternoon pancakes with all my family
safe overnight bus trip home for my niece and my girl
fresh chilies and tomatoes from the garden
coffee with girlfriends



  1. Always, always so much to be thankful for every single day, isn't there? Love the photo of your mom and siblings. Which one is you?

    1. Yes, so much to be thankful for ! I am the blonde one in the skirt and butterfly top :) Just realized we are standing in birth order with my Mum in the middle.


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