Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: 2 in one with loads of life!

They say life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. 
The last two weeks have been full of unexpected events! It's been interesting so say the least.

Keren has forged ahead with her studies, applying herself diligently daily. She has begun an art practical that will take a few weeks and it has been wonderful to watch this project emerge from a concept to something concrete. The topic is "journey" and she had the privilege of listening to the life story of a Swiss born German lady who stayed in our home over last weekend. 

This visit was unexpected as I had met her only a week so before. She was stranded in our city when her travelling companion became very ill and needed urgent hospitalization. As this had been rather traumatic, I could not just dump her in a hotel and invited her to spend her remaining days in Cape Town in our home. It was a blessing to have this gentle and beautiful soul share our home for a couple of days. 
Her travelling companion and friend remains in hospital and will travel home in the coming week. She is faring well and I have been amazed at the wonderful medical care she has been given in one of our State Hospitals. I have been to visit her a few times and am relieved that she is safe and getting the right medical treatment. 

Zak has enjoyed his technology class where he is learning more advanced wood working techniques. Sadly after one session, the coach has cancelled basketball for the term due to lack of interest. 
Most days Zak is done with his workload by lunch time and this has left him free to visit with friends in the afternoon. As February is usually our hottest month, the pool has been enjoyed regularly with friends and family.

I have enjoyed sitting alongside Zak while he works and working on a few mosaic projects for my friend's business. 

She and I also spent a day working on a large mosaic project at a mosaic factory outlet. Oh...the tiles and the colors and the ideas....I could go a little crazy in there if let loose with a purse full of money!

Despite the busyness, there was time made for morning walks with Walk for Life,

taking in the sights of our city from Rhodes Memorial with my new found German friends,

  hair modelling with Carlton and a funky new cut to got along with the blue hair do, 

a leisurely stroll along the cat walk, dipping toes in the ocean,  mom and daughter time and ice creams shared with my girl,

Sunday afternoon tea with all my kids home and decadent doughnuts brought by a friend,

 ....and last but not least visitors of the cute and mischievous kind.

(Who by the way slipped while playing around the pool and needed 4 stitches under his little chin last week but was an absolute angel when his "Aunnie Endy" the nurse, took them out for him this week!)

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. How kind of you to befriend the lady in need. What a neat opportunity for her family.


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