Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

This week has been good.
 His blessings abound....

chores done with cheer
our gas cooker for when the power is out
catching up with my mum
exercise, so good for the mind and body
smoothies and conversations shared with a friend
summer fruits
beautiful views of the sea
ice creams on a hot summer day
evening swims with friends
time with our son
hubby's homemade pizza
a day's paid work

a beautiful day exploring our beautiful coastline, shared with two beautiful women
the magnificent mountains in our home town
toes in the warm sand and cool Atlantic ocean
lazy Sunday
friends enjoying a braai with us
Lindt chocolate crunchies
mosaic work for me to do
a good nap
vigorous exercise



  1. Your views are magnificent! The list is full of gratitude for the One who provides. I'm glad you keep up with your list so I can read and be grateful, too.

  2. P.S. I'd love to email replies to your comments on my blog. Will you email me so I can be sure I have the right email address? Thank you!


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