Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

freshly picked roses filling my lounge with their beautiful scent
fresh perspective
much needed sleep
time with my sweet nephew
friends dropping in for an evening swim
hubby's encouragement
an evening with our son
angels in our home town who helped me get a very ill woman to hospital
a new friend
Sunday afternoon full house at tea time
doughnuts brought by my dear friend
His provision in ways most unimaginable
good school days
connect group time
morning walks
a friend putting petrol into my car
my dear neighbor taking my boy to the beach while I was working
mom and daughter time
toes in the ocean and ice creams with my girl
insight and candid conversations with my sweet youngest
messages from a sweet friend
hubby making dinner at the end of a busy week
a pj day
spoilt with fudge and flowers, a lovely gift much appreciated from an appreciative neighbor
hubby's 3 course Valentine's dinner
Sunday service
picnic for two won by hubby
relaxing in the botanical gardens with him
our son here for dinner
creative work
cool evenings after scorching days
ice bites when temperatures soar
my kind neighbor lifting my girl to lessons when we locked the keys in the house
ice cream pancakes shared with loved ones
our son visiting again
a new opportunity
fantastic fun day out with friends
a visit to my Dad, always relaxing
peaceful Sunday evening with our son
His peace


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