Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up : The One With Valentine's

The weeks are flying by it seems.
 Last weekend seems far away after the full week we have had. 
Hubby treated us to a decadent Valentine's dinner which was superb. He spent hours in the kitchen in secret and the meal did not disappoint. It was wonderful to share this special meal with our younger two who were home for the evening, making sure they would not be missing out on one of Hubby's special meals. We enjoyed a calamari starter, salad and juicy rump steak followed by a delicious chocolate cheesecake decorated with white and dark chocolate and pecan nuts. 

We appreciate his labor of love.

On Sunday hubby and I had the pleasure of enjoying the botanical gardens and a lovely picnic for two.

 He had won the tickets and the picnic some time ago and it was great to have a date with him. 
The gardens were so peaceful and the weather was perfect. 

We relaxed near the stream and later took a walk along unknown paths instead of the usual paths. 
We spotted some guinea fowl enjoying a dust bath as well as an owl sitting in a tree. 

He seemed most unperturbed by all the passers by who stopped to photograph him. 

Monday the kids hit their books and both had a good work week. 
Tuesday kept me busy with mosaic work. 

I loved spending the day working under the guidance of my mosaic artist friend.
 At the end of the busy day we enjoyed ice cream pancakes for dinner as it was pancake day. 

Keren spent hours working on her art practical which is coming along beautifully.
 Zak was a good sport and modeled for her.

 It was lovely to see them chatting away while he posed and she drew.
 The week came to an end with the usual Friday evening youth group for the younger two while hubby and I enjoyed a quiet evening home with our eldest. 

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. It sounds like your Valentine's was awesome full of good food and love. The mosaic is beautiful.


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