Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: One That Flew By

Another week seems to have slipped by so fast! 
The mornings are noticeably darker and the sun does not seem so harsh despite the beautiful sunny days. Leaves are beginning to turn shades of brown and autumn is on its way. 

I have missed my girl this week as she has had a busy one with three days where she has been gone from early morning until evening. Two days were taken up with hair modelling
and she now sports a funky purple hairdo! Art classes took up the remainder of those days and yesterday she spent the day at the Design Indaba Expo with her art school. 

This is South Africa's premier showcase of high-end African design. African talent and creativity at its best. Design across all disciplines: architectural, communication design, design for social impact, digital design, industrial design, fashion and accessories, furniture, handmade goods, home ware and jewelry!

She had a fantastic day! The students were sponsored by Woolworths and given backpacks filled with all sorts of goodies as well as t shirts. They attended workshops and she thoroughly enjoyed exploring the expo and meeting and chatting to designers. She met the creators of a new South African superhero comic book and they were inspired to create a character based on her as they loved her purple hairdo so much! 

On the days she was home she spent much time on her art practical and has enjoyed reading her set-work, The Life of Pi. 

Zak has made good progress this week and we were thankful that big brother was here one evening to help with math concepts. One of my requirements is that he reads at least a chapter a day in whatever book he is reading. The weeks read has seen him reading more than a chapter a day as he is enjoying the story.

Oh, and he was thankful to get a haircut this week too!

I had some challenging mosaic work this week.

 Miss ducky! I have not worked with cement and sometimes the tiles didn't hold and would fall off while I was working on another area. 

We enjoyed a visit from my little nephew too. Always a pleasure!

And yes, he's had a haircut too!

At the end of the busy week, it was youth as usual and hubby and I spent a relaxed evening home. How was your week?

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. As you prepare for fall we are longing for spring. Another rainy, cloudy, cold day today. How awesome they want to base a character on your girl! Haircuts seemed to be the theme this week!


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