Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

my sister and my niece popping in and staying for a pancake lunch
safe travels for the kiddos to camp and back
quiet after all the busyness
hubby's good cooking
wonderful Sunday service
sharing of bread and wine
hot cross buns
white Easter eggs
my sweetie blessing me with a voucher for a hair make over
Sunday lunch with my siblings
toes in the freezing ocean and warm sun on my back
time spent with my dear sister
hugely blessed with groceries
connect group time
a refreshing morning walk
safe journeys for my family members
answered prayers
visit from a sweet friend
frappes and scones shared with a friend
good friends, delicious braai, laughter and fun
chats with far away family
our family of five together


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  1. What a wonderful and encouraging post - Makes me want to count my blessings too xx


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