Tuesday, August 11, 2009

South Coast days continued

The days down on the South Coast went by so fast and were so enjoyable. On one of our walks down to the beach, we spotted the monkeys having a feast on some gorgeous granadillas! I wanted to join them and enjoy them too! The fruit was so big and it was a shame to watch them taking a few bites out of the fruit and just tossing the rest to the ground.

We spent some time at St Micheal's, a great beach. We strolled along the sea shore, enjoying the warm surf and Z ventured in for a refreshing swim. We came across the most amazing sand sculptures I have ever seen. The artist was working away and had a pit dug out with the words "money please" carved into the sand. An innovative way to make some money. One cheeky little boy had got his mom to bury him in the sand and wanted her to write the same on the sand that covered his body! He protested loudly when she declined!

All though not very beautiful, this sculpture was very well done!

Another day, we spent time exploring the farm stalls and craft shops along the South Coast road. We visited Mac Bananas which is one of the biggest farm stalls I have been too. One could go crazy in a place like that as the variety of pickles, jams, cheeses etc is vast. I managed to pick up a few gifts there.

We went on to "Ilvas Country Crafts" and enjoyed the stalls there too. Of course we couldn't resist buying the odd item or two. We also saw Ilva, an old friend of my grandparents. I have fond memories of a holiday down the South Coast with them in Ilvas home.
We found a coffee shop called the "Cowshed". We all know K is just crazy about cows! The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee was too much to resist so we had cuppa chinos and the children enjoyed sodas. The tables were painted like cows and the decor was charming.

K outside the Cowshed. Isn't that door just lovely!

The children enjoyed the jungle gym at the Cowshed. The view was great too.

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