Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up : Almost back to normal

Another week has flown by, another week with a public holiday.
 This time a holiday was declared so we could exercise our democratic rights and vote in the national and provincial elections. It was rather significant as this year marks 20 years of democracy in South Africa. It was also the first time Josh could vote. He and I set off to the voting station at a nearby school and were in and out in about ten minutes. It seems we chose a good time as when we were leaving, the queues were snaking off the grounds of the school. 

During school this week Zak tackled his daily assignments and seemed to get through his work rather quickly. We discussed democracy and the voting process, learned about the circulatory system and new concepts in math.
 On Monday he attended his monthly technology class.
 I have yet to see what he made as it's a Mother's Day surprise for me. 
We began reading Roll of Thunder , Hear My Cry together. I love that he still enjoys being read to and I love the discussions around our read aloud books. 

In between the busyness, there was time for the boy and his beloved dog....

We had a little visitor on Monday afternoon.

 Our sweet just 3 year old nephew/ cousin will be spending every Monday afternoon with us. The look of delight on his sweet face when I picked him up from school was precious.

Keren worked diligently throughout the week and put in hours and hours of drawing for her art assignment. She didn't take advantage of the holiday,  rather choosing to work and keep on track with her weekly schedule. 
On Monday she enjoyed a visit to opening exhibition of The South African Society of Artists  at Kirstenbosch with her Grandpa. She is very excited as she is going to become a member of the society.
On Thursday she spent the day at her art school working on her exam practical. A long eight hour day working on this beautiful piece of art....

Somehow I forgot to set an alarm for Friday and Zak and I overslept. Perhaps it had something to do with the cold and rainy weather. Thankfully we managed to complete the mornings work despite the late start. Zak and Keren spent Friday afternoon at art lessons and Friday evening at youth. 
Next week it will be back to normal, the seemingly endless public holidays are over for now.


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