Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: Another Short One

With public holidays on Monday and Friday this past week it really did go fast!
The high-lite of the week was my nephew's visit on his birthday. He is such a delight and it was lovely to have him here. 

We ate the most delicious chocolate cake and he had fun helping me smash some tiles. 

School went well despite the short week and Zak resumed basketball lessons. He was a bit reluctant but I could see he really enjoyed it once he got back into it.
Keren had consumer study practical work to do which meant I got a night off cooking dinner. She made a spaghetti bolognaise and a molded cucumber salad, both really tasty. All her prescribed recipes seem to be suitable for dinner so that means a regular night off for me.
 She had fun making cake toppers for my nephew's party too. Poor little guy's party had to be postponed though as he got sick.

My niece came around to take some photos of Zak for her photography assignments.

She really is talented and captures her subjects well.

Zak was really happy that one of his best friends returned after being away for some time and they got to spend the day together on Friday and enjoyed youth group too. Keren missed youth for the first time in months as she is not feeling well. 
We enjoyed a family dinner at hubby's parents during the week as his cousin and her son were visiting from Holland. A lovely evening.

How was your week? 

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Hope everyone is feeling well now. Smashing tiles! My grands would love that activity. And those cake toppers are wonderful. Love the photo.

    1. Thanks! He had a blast smashing the tiles :)


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