Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up:Full and Fabulous

A full week with beautiful autumn weather....

There were exams for Josh, a new experience for Zak, wonderful mom and daughter time and lots of work put in....

Zak enjoyed his first session at City Rock, an indoor climbing adventure...he said it was tough and challenged him physically but loads of fun and of course all the more so when it's done with a buddy! Hopefully his twice a week basketball sessions will help build muscle strength so the climbing becomes less challenging.
He and I have been focusing on anatomy and physiology for the last while so it's great for him to have a good understanding of what physical activity does for the body and the great benefits in disease prevention etc. 

Keren had to do English and Afrikaans orals this week as part of her formal assessments. A dear teacher friend came to listen and mark her orals. These get sent in to our curriculum provider and form part of her marks for the year. 
She and I also visited a local school and spent a wonderful hour with the Consumer Studies teacher who gave her great tips for exams and showed us the set up of the kitchen. I had been a bit wary of what she may think due to the fact that Keren is home educated but she was incredibly welcoming and has invited Keren back to observe practical exam sessions. This will be an enormous help to Keren to prepare her for her final exams in a few months time.
Keren cooked dinner twice this week as she has 8 practical sessions to complete this term. She made a delicious cottage pie and a beef stew. Its great for me to get a night off! 
She and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together midweek. I had a voucher from my last birthday and I invited her to join me for a facial treatment. This girl works so hard and I figured she deserved a little pampering! It was her first facial and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards we did a little shopping and she found herself a great pair of jeans and some boots. She was even more thrilled when the jeans were marked down to half price at the till point. 
At the same time we found cream cheese marked down to R5 a tub! Apparently the store had bought too much stock. We stocked up and came home to make a delicious cheesecake using freshly picked granadillas from the garden. 

This morning my neighbor and I had a long overdue coffee date. It's really great that I can leave the kids for an hour or two and know that they will get on with their work while I am gone. We visited a local nursery and enjoyed delicious chicken mayo and avo sandwiches out in the autumn sunshine.
Another highlight of the week was getting my new phone. A highlight for Zak too as it meant he got my old one. I am so grateful for savvy kids who laugh at me but who know how to teach their mom how to use this new technology!

So at the end of a full week, there is youth as usual tonight and time to just relax for hubby and me!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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