Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I missed posting my Monday's multitudes as we had family here for dinner but its never too late to give thanks.

Sunday, being mother's day was a day where I was loved and treated to all sorts of thoughtful gifts and a delicious breakfast prepared by my precious family. Wonderful to have them all here with me.

I am thankful for my own beautiful mother who is always there for me emotionally though she lives too far away...

candlelight and music playing while the power is out
gas cooker that means we can still have coffee when the power is out
my cheery niece staying over for a few nights
my warm bed on cold nights
being mom to my 3
autumn sunshine
lattes and conversations enjoyed with a dear friend
my son's laughter
getting my hair done
starry night sky
girl's morning celebrating a friend's birthday
getting to the end of a full week of deadlines
wonderful evening with two girlfriends
my sweet girl making dinner and giving me a night off
celebrating my nephew's 4th birthday
best ever chocolate cake
weekend with no plans, time for unwinding
homemade cheesecake
autumn colors
girls afternoon with my sweetie
school on the couch with warm blankets
an afternoon walk in the sunshine
coffee date with my neighbor
mother's day breakfast shared with my precious ones
thoughtful gifts and words of love from them
Sunday service reminding us to be content and happy
family dinner celebrating my father in laws birthday
winning another awesome prize of a night away with dinner and breakfast


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