Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to school

Well, today was officially the start of our third term. J had diligently got into his books yesterday. This morning we started a little later than usual and I made the children a hearty breakfast of eggs with ham and cheese. We sat together to discuss our routines and how to face the new term with its various challenges. It was a happy time and I think the children enjoy the routines of being back to school work.
I am just so thankful that our littlest member of the family seems to be getting some much needed sleep on his new medication. It was not much of a school holiday for any of us so school will be very gentle for now.
J got stuck into some Algebra after our bible time together, and the younger two and I settled in on my bed where the sun streamed in through the sliding doors. What a pleasure to be able to learn anywhere in our home. Z enjoyed a maze game while K coloured in and I read them our history read aloud. They enjoyed a snack of popcorn too as they listened, captivated by the story. What a blessing to be learning at home together.

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