Monday, July 5, 2010

Among 300 000

On Saturday we joined some friends and 299 990 other people to do the 2,6km fan walk from Cape Town station to the soccer stadium. Sadly Z could not join us.

The children have not been on a train in many years as it is not considered a safe mode of transport but Saturday was different. K particularly enjoyed the ride and was impressed that her dad knew the name of every station from ours all the way to town. The vibe was amazing as fans climbed aboard the train at every stop, all making our way to the same destination!

Along the way, the streets were decorated with flags from the participating countries and festive music was played. Stalls selling all sorts of delicious items were plentiful. Flags, vuvuzelas, scarves and beanies were sold like hot cakes! The Cape Minstrels were entertaining the crowds and the German and Argentinian supporters were out in full force, dressed appropriately. It certainly was a feast for the eyes! Vuvuzelas were blown by old and young. Grannies in wheel chairs as well as babes in prams with flags flying high were seen on the fan walk.

Our city has done itself proud and it was great to part of the amazing vibe! We couldn't believe how many people were streaming into the city as we left to get home in time to watch the match. Every station was packed to capacity with supporters making their way to town.

I was pleased to find my Dutch hubby a Netherlands jacket and we found a hoody for K too! She also added a streak of orange to her hair. Other Dutch supporters high fived him as he walked through the the crowds and there were shouts of "Hup Holland" as they passed us. It was great fun!

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