Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going Dutch

Yesterday, I had a call from my dad regarding a competition on on 567 Cape Talk. I called my hubby and asked him to enter....what a treat to hear later in the day that we had won! (Thank you dad!)

In the run up to the semi final match between the Netherlands and Uruguay, Breakfast Show Host, Aden Thomas treated us and other Dutch supporters to a Breakfast at the One and Only Hotel. The kids were bundled off to their Oma very early as we had to be there at 7 a.m. They were listening in on the radio and were really excited to hear their dad talking on the radio.

We had a fantastic time and lots of fun! We had to help pick a winner from callers who had to state in 20 seconds why they should win tickets to the match this evening.

The One and Only is truly a beautiful hotel and the breakfast was delicious: salmon, croissants, pastries, fresh fruits, yogurt, bacon, eggs....you name it, it was there! Never mind the excellent coffee!

Later in the day K had the opportunity to go on the fan walk again with some of our friends. I was really happy for her as she really wanted to go again. This time she took her vuvuzela and blew it to her hearts content. She said it was far more exciting to be there in the evening and there was a sea of orange supporters. We are over the moon that the Netherlands will be playing in the finals!

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