Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun with friends and family

At the beginning of October we had a wonderful surprise visit from our friends who live in Pretoria. It was great for us to all catch up with one another as we have not seen each other for some time.

The kids had a blast!
We spent much time reminiscing, laughing and eating loads of good food together!
The dads decided to give Z a haircut together.

We had a good laugh as the two barbers did their thing!

Our friends were delighted to meet baby M too as they have known my brother since he was a (naughty) teen.

Baby M was introduced to strawberries that day and simply could not get enough of them! He cooled off in the pool with his mum and dad and then cousin K just had to have a cuddle with him!

He is still coming to us two mornings a week and we are enjoying watching him grow and change. He is always happy and full of smiles.
I love watching my three interact with their baby cousin.

He is sitting well now and moves around a lot when he plays on the floor.

He loves having stories read to him and sits quietly on my lap as I read aloud to the kids.

We have new neighbours too !

These three boys just have non stop fun! They have a flag system going so that they know when each other are available to play. If the flag is flying, it is play time!

Weekends are spent between the three houses: sleep overs, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, skating, j boarding and creating memories of a happy childhood.

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