Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miss K's art and crafts

At art K has learned new techniques with watercolours. They experimented with wet paint on dry paint, wet on wet, dry brushing, layering, painting over wax and salt crystals,and using gladwrap and papertowel for different effects.

She so enjoyed that lesson!
They went on to practice their techniques and she painted this beautiful blue and white vase with bright flowers.

Even though the painting is smudged, I think the vase came out beautifully!

At home she painted a vase of colourful poppies as a gift for her aunt.

The colours are gorgeous.

The art teacher introduced the children to plein air painting. This is K's painting of the view from the field next to her art teachers home in a national park.

Next the children were introduced to botanicals. These are my personal favourites and one can see that she has an excellent teacher!

The little turtle was carefully observed and painted in detail.

They did a study of goldfish...

The goldfish are my absolute favourite painting!
(Sadly this photo does no justice to the painting.)

Next they moved onto working with acrylics.

They painted a still life with a twist. First one half of the painting was done and then the paper was turned upside down to paint the other half.
A fun colourful exercise!

At one of the monthly craft afternoons the girls learned how to mosaic. K made this colourful heart mosaic with pieces of mirror in the middle as a gift for her precious far away cousin.

At another craft afternoon the girls were taught how to make these cute doll key rings.

Colourful, fun and cute!


  1. Love the turtle - love the goldfish, well done, keep on with the great work ;-)

  2. Thank you Shelley, will pass your compliment on to her!


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