Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time flies!

The years have flown by since we had cute toddlers in our home!

This precious, sweet, chubby little toddler is now taller than me!
About 7 weeks ago we celebrated her 14th birthday. She is growing into a fine young lady of whom we are very proud. We are so blessed to be her mom and dad.

Her day was special!
She wanted to go to the beach with some special friends.

What fun we had together!

The moms all caught up with one another and the kids ran wild and free on the beach....

Dunes were climbed....

Happy memories were made...

Ice creams were eaten...

Flavours too numerous to mention!

She had a party with all her friends on the weekend and cupcakes were baked.
The piggys in honour of her farm cousin whom she misses so much !

The teens all came dressed up!

Fun, food, music and laughter!


  1. Congrats to Miss K, hope she has a blessed year..looks as if she had lots of fun...on her Birthday..


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