Monday, February 27, 2012

February's Gifts Week 4

This week I have strayed somewhat from what Ann has suggested and come up with my own list of thanks.

Day 21
(my own)
154) my sweet nephew coming for the morning,
155) watching my daughter learn to create something new with paper
156) seeing the kids find joy in raising funds to bless a differently abled child.

Day 22 wed
(3 gifts that changed today)
157) a visit from my dad,
158) my sweet , kind neighbour giving me a quick destress massage on my neck to ease the tension
159) an invitation from a dear friend to "get away from it all" ..... joining her on a trip out into the countryside to visit her mum and dad for two nights while my dear hubby holds the fort here

Day 23
(my own )
160) a safe journey into the country,
161) a wonderful meal ....shared with my friend, her family, and some of their friends that I just met today,
162) hearing their voices and knowing all's well at home while I am away.

Day 24
(my own)
163) exploring the little town with my dear friend and her daughters,
164) finding just picked farm fresh fruit and veg at good prices to take home to the family,
165) wonderful hospitality shown to me by my friend's parents

Day 25
(my own)
166) a safe pleasant journey home to my loved ones,
167) sharing the joy of my two eldest getting bronze medals in their competition this morning,
168) happy ,successful, fun fundraising evening organised by our Home's Cool Co-op.

Day 26
(my own)
169) gift of a bag filled with ripe granadillas/passion fruit....then using some in a salsa for our evening braai
 (1 chopped pineapple, a handful of chopped chives and two chillies from the garden,
 and pulp of three granadillas! Spicy and delicious!)
170) 6 happy children, playing all day between 3 houses and then an impromptu evening braai...
kids swimming and laughing till late
171) phone calls from my brother and mum today

Day 27
(my own)
172) talking to my mum and two sisters today,
173) heart to heart with my daughter
174) a sweet friend dropping off a ready cooked chicken.

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  1. I always look forward to these thank you'd. I am keeping my own list, but haven't got as far as blogging it.

    I nominated you for Versatile Blogger award. No pressure, just appreciation.


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