Monday, March 5, 2012

March Joy Dare Week 1

  Though they were only last week, the last two days of February are somewhat of a blur...
So I will continue counting gifts for March, adding in a few extras so I don't fall behind in counting 1000 for 2012.... 
Some my own and some Ann's ideas....


175) a delicious passion fruit cake made by my daughter

 176) having to sort out that room I have ignored for too long, so my sister and her hubby would have a room of their own while visiting
177) just having my sister and her hubby staying here for a few days
178) family dinner with my "big" sister, her hubby, "little" brother and his wife.... seeing my sis just loving meeting their baby for the first time!

Day 2
179) seeing my youngest having great fun building electric circuits at the science centre...
learning the way he does best...hands on fun!
180) his thoughtfulness in keeping a seat for me (right beside him) at the science show
181) overflowing thanks for the overwhelming blessing of an overflowing grocery cupboard, fridge and freezer
182) my precious daughter giving my sister and I relaxing pedicures and painting our toe nails

183) time out with my girl, enjoying browsing the craft stalls at the local school fair
184) seeing my boy have great fun with his friend at the school fair
185) surprising discovery of the way my precious girl learns best...understanding why she needs more of me in her learning time
186) catching up on much needed rest
187) having my sister and brother here.... 
enjoying a meal together....
catching up and connecting until way past midnight.

Day 4
188) my dad, my sister and her hubby at our breakfast table
189) waffles made by my daughter for breakfast....
topped with sour cherries brought from afar by my sister and her hubby
190) relaxing at friends and enjoying a braai, seeing the kiddies having fun playing cricket and target shooting
191) a belated birthday gift...2 lovely sharp knives and Lindt chocolate!
192) another bag full of fresh ripe passion fruit

Day 5 
(3 gifts found)
193) finding a shift in focus in finding gifts 
194) finding comfort in conversations with my big sister
195) finding truths I hadn't known until now, as we read our new zoology book today


  1. Too beautiful, ooh I wish I could have shared some of those gifts.... granadilla cake, sister chat time, pedicure from my niece, seeing her seeing him for the first time... can't wait now.

  2. yes, wishing you could have shared them too and longing to see you...

  3. Your list is a treat...and a joy for this teacher to hear how tuned in you are to how your children learn :) I hope I am the same as my little one grows!
    Visiting from Ann's today...


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