Monday, February 13, 2012

February's Gifts ... week 2

Thank you changes it all....
Thank you compels me to keep looking for and finding those 3 or more things daily......
.....even when I don't feel like it.
Thanking Him even when it is sometimes hard.....

Day 7
(3 gifts red)
112) red paper bag, decorated with hearts, filled with beautiful craft goodies for my craft crazy daughter,
113) making beautiful new friends today- they were dressed in red
114) a handful of red tomatoes just ripe for picking in the garden this morning

Day 8
(a gift broken, a gift fixed and a gift thrifted)
115) my bible, the cover has fallen off and it needs fixing, it is the one I have had since a child,
116) a fixed lift arrangement to get our boy to black belt training
 ( meaning we don't have to make the weekly trip out to Camps Bay)
117) plenty of good clothes in my cupboard given to me by my kind cousin and even better...
 my daughter and I share them!

Day 9
(3 gifts that were surprises, unexpected grace)
118) 2 days paid work for hubby,
119) an email notifying me that I will receive 12 bottles of Omo and 12 bottles of Comfort to share with my friends, yippee!
120) an anonymous "blessing transfer" into my bank account that came right on time...

Day 10
(3 times you heard laughter today)
121) daddy and daughter sharing a laugh,
122) laughter as my 3 played a board game together
123) laughter as the neighbourhood gathered to play board games tonight.

Day 11
(3 gifts found in working)
124) the gift of being the SA agent for Hands On Homeschooling ...
it sure helps to pay a couple of things around here!
125) doing admin today that needed to be done - feeling good that it is done until next time....
126) the calmness that washes over me as I work in my veg garden, no matter what.

Day 12
(3 hard eukaristos)
The word comes from the Greek "eukaristos," which means "grateful" and is now usually translated as "thanksgiving." 
127) thankful that He knows when we don't...thankful I did not know what the future held 14 months back,
128) humble thanks for blessings and grace extended in ways too numerous to count over the last 14 months
129)even through hard trials.... thankful for strengthening of relationships with my hubby and the children,

Day 13
(3 gifts found behind a door today....ok just 2 behind a door and then one of my own)
130) the sounds of girls laughing behind my daughters closed bedroom door...sweet friends enjoying each others company,
131) rest behind my door.... closed to the world as I napped while trying to restore my energy as I seem to be fighting something off

132) a beautiful fruit basket given in thanks by a very special lady who was grateful....fruit so beautiful and delicious! 

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  1. Wonderfu list! We enjoy vegetable gardenig too. When I read that you had tomatoes ripe off the vine this morning, my first thought was where does she live that she has tomatoes in February!!! What a blessing!


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