Monday, July 9, 2012

July's Joy Dare into week 2

Thankful for the blessings in my life....

Day 3
(a gift in faith, family, freedom)
689) faith : knowing this
 " He holds it all in His hands- including me" 
Sally Clarkson
690) family: family near and family far, being a part of family is just such a blessing
691) freedom : freedom that has come with school holidays 

Day 4 
692) enjoying celebratory cake and coffee at my neighbour' s birthday celebration
693) the kind lady who pushed my grocery trolley forward in a long queue so I could dash to get something  I had forgotten
694) a postponed appointment, making things less stressful for me as I rushed from pillar to post today
695) my sister in law having my youngest for the afternoon and the older two hanging out with their friends they haven't seen in a while
695) popping in at my neighbour again for hubby to wish her and being invited to "join the gang" for dinner...
just perfect as it was late , dark and cold by the time we got in tonight
696) enjoying some reading aloud to my youngest after a busy day

Day 5
697) beautiful sunshine to dry the day's washing
698) finding an item I needed without too much trouble
 (thanks Mum for your recommendation!)
699) the hairdresser trimming my fringe at no cost
700) spending a little time out with my daughter, just us girls
701)  popping past to see my gorgeous baby nephew toddling all over his garden and sweet baby kisses from him
702) my teens' friends calling me mom and feeling comfortable and relaxed in our home, 
so much so that two of them spent the evening here and had dinner with us even though my own were out!
703) a lovely surprise box of goodies delivered to my door today from Home Tester Club

Day 6
704) being there when our friends signed the legals for their marriage
705) the joy and excitement and stress of getting things done for their covenant celebration tomorrow
706) celebrating my dear friend's 40th birthday tonight...
dancing the night away until my feet ached, 
kids all joining in the fun,
 good time with friends, 
good food , 
great party!

Day 7
(a gift of challenge, conflict, change)
707) wow these 3 things - challenge, conflict and change summarise the beauty of the wedding hubby and I were honoured to be part of today!
 Best man and maid of honour for dear friends who were married again today for the second time to each another, 
an amazing miracle gift of forgiveness, reconciliation and grace!
708) the pleasure of doing the wedding flowers and bouquets,
 and the bride being happy with them
709) sunshine.... 
the rain staying away for the wedding when storms were predicted
710) watching our three dance the night away again 

711) celebrating their 45th anniversary with my aunt and uncle today
712) safe journeys there and back as the heavens poured rain down on us
713) enjoying delicious red velvet wedding cake with my tea tonight

Day 9
714) a day with no plans except what I feel like doing...
 just as well as I am not feeling too well and am grateful for the rest
715) lifts for my children to friends today, a blessing as I don't have the car today
716) roses everywhere....
given to me after the wedding to enjoy in our home

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