Monday, July 2, 2012

Last of June's Joy Dare and counting on

I can hardly believe June is over and we are heading into the second half of the year.
Only by His grace do I continue to choose to count His blessings and give thanks for what I have. 

day 26
(3 gifts in fabric)
661) cosy socks keeping my feet warm on this chilly day
662) warm blankets, wrapping and warming us as the rain buckets down outside
662) grateful to own a warm jacket on nights like these
663) a wonderful evening with friends, experiencing Ethiopian food and good strong coffee

day 27
664) another exciting cultural exchange pack from Arizona USA
665) shared costs of special prices on fruit and veg between neighbours
666)  warm sunshine after the heavy rains yesterday
667) long heart to heart with another mum
668) kids doing their chores without me asking

669) getting out with a friend and the kids to one of my favourite places for some
winter sunshine and fresh air
670) finding out that the cards my daughter left on consignment had sold well, earning her a little extra holiday pocket money
671) broccoli seedlings, a gift from my neighbours garden

day 28
(3 gifts eaten)
672) broccoli  harvested from my garden and eaten in a delicious chicken bake
673) onion marmalade my eldest helped me make this morning....
delicious on the mashed potato hubby made to go with the broccoli chicken bake
674) lemon curd my daughter helped to make.... 
spoonfuls of sweet, sticky deliciousness!

 day 29
675) a wonderful morning with all my kids....
out in the forest mushroom hunting and learning so much about His amazing creation
676)  my sweet daughter making lunch for everyone, pancakes with lemon curd
677) watching my baby nephew entertain the teens with his antics tonight
678) hubby making gourmet burgers for dinner....
 chasing me out of the kitchen and blessing me with a night off

day 30
679) breakfast shared with sweet girl friends
680) catching up with my mum on the phone today
681) hubby lifting kids to ice skating even when he feels like relaxing
682) teen son and his friends (as well as the mom who was lifting the boys back ) descending on our home unexpectedly for supper... hubby making extra pizza to feed the gang.....
good laughs, good fun and a new friend made

day 1
( 3gifts loved)
683) my hubby and our 3 kids
684) time spent with a friend this afternoon
685) seeing our kids enjoy the holidays....
relaxed time with no pressures or deadlines and enjoying their friends

day 2
( 3 gifts read - from Hello Mornings Challenge)
686) "He never forsakes"
687) " He inscribes us on the palm of His hand"
688) "Once we are His, He never leaves us"


  1. What a great idea to count your blessing each day and not just once a week. Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing. (visiting from AHE)

  2. "Only by His grace do I continue to choose to count His blessings and give thanks for what I have." It is only by His grace. I love Ethiopian food and coffee. I enjoyed reading your list, especially Ethipian food and coffee, what you made on day 28--yum!, and #687. Enjoyed visiting here from Ann's place:)


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