Monday, July 23, 2012

July's Joy Dare, beyond week 3

This week has been hard. It was supposed to be the first week of the new school term but instead, I have had a house full of sick children. It has been difficult...watching them battle with high fevers and coughing spells. I am thankful that slowly but surely they are getting stronger by the day. I am thankful too for the kindness and love shown to us over this past week.

Day 17
739) blessed and ever so thankful for my neighbour sending me her domestic worker to do a two hour blitz here today....
house was upside down after two days of my three being sick and my sweet baby nephew who is also not well being here too 
740) same kind neighbour sending me oranges to juice for the kids
741) sunshine after all the rain
742) my yuppiechef prize purchase arriving today...a good solid frying pan
743) hubby lending a hand with dinner tonight

Day 18
744) so thankful I am a light sleeper and heard my youngest boy waking at 04h00 this morning.....
and caught him before he collapsed in the passage
745) thankful my eldest is feeling a bit better
746) thankful for sunshine again today

Day 19
747) my kind neighbour giving me shake and re hydrating drinks for my sick boy 
748) getting an appointment today at the doctor for my two
749) my mum and her husband who pray faithfully for us every day

Day 20
750) a dear caring friend who sent her hubby over to deliver a pot of piping hot, wholesome and most delicious chicken soup and savoury muffins at lunchtime
751) my neighbour popping over for coffee and a chat and to see how the patients are doing
752) my mum in law collecting my teen boy and being "taxi" for him when he needed to get some things done
753) subsiding fevers
754) hubby taking over with dinner
755) my boy getting a wonderful letter of reference to add to his President's Award file today....
just beautiful

Day 21
(3 gifts of story)
756) story time...still happens in my house, so blessed that mine still love me to read aloud to them
757) knowing that my story is in His hands
758) His story.... a lamp to my path
759) phone calls from my mum and sister today
760) hubby making paella tonight, my brother and his family here, roaring fire, delicious pavlova brought by my sweet sister in law for dessert
761) blessed with bundles of wood for the fire

Day 22
762) first ripe tomatoes and gooseberries picked today
763) my boy being well enough to play with his friends again today
764) leftovers for dinner

Day 23
765) my gorgeous baby nephew gobbling gooseberries picked fresh in the garden today
766) my kind neighbour being mom's taxi for my kids today as hubby had the car
767) thankful for my amazing neighbour again this evening...
Our dog Roxy collapsed early evening, howling as if being attacked by numerous dogs. My neighbour was in my garden before I even got out of the house and she sat for two hours on the cold ground as it got darker and darker, comforting our dog, holding her and keeping us all calm until the vet came to examine her and medicate her. She did not leave until our Roxy was settled on a mattress (fetched from her house) in our bathroom. I am so thankful for her calm manner and angel I am sure....


  1. Your persistence in finding the joy things, the grateful moments when times are tough inspires me and encourages me. xx

  2. Thanks keeps me going to find a way to be thankful to God even in the toughest moments. Love you!


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