Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last of July Joy Dare

This past week has been another that has not been easy. 
Some days it has been really hard to find and count the blessings. I need to learn to say...
"Yes to the blessings and yes to the ugly and yes to the beautiful and yes to the love and to His will and to the saving sovereignty of God in this moment who can’t stop serenading with His grace. In our dark, just to keep whispering our breathy, child-like yes." Ann Voskamp

Day 24
768) hubby being able to get into work a little later so he could help to get out sweet Roxy to the vet this morning 
769) my Dad....his valuable opinion which helped us make the toughest decision for our doggy
770) my dear neighbour....a true gift to us as a family over the last 24hours....
her kindness, her time, her care, her tears, and her support in the decisions that our sweet doggy needed to set free from her pain and suffering
771) a dear friend just popping by to give me a hug
772) phone calls from my family

Day 25
773) my daughter baking and icing cakes for her brother's birthday
774) grace for today...
Grace. It covers messes, overlooks faults, glues brokenness, loves freely, corrects softly, leads gently, and invites openness (R. Parris)
775) laughter as we celebrated our son's 17th birthday tonight...
much needed after all the sadness 

Day 26
(3 gifts fresh)
776) fresh start on a new day
777) fresh fruit specials that my neighbour kindly went to pick up at the shops for me
778) still fresh cakes left over from last night and enjoyed today

Day 27
779) having the car today and being able to sort a few things out
780) my neighbour letting me do my washing in her machine as mine broke
781) end of a crazy week...so ready for a weekend

Day 28
782) great specials at the grocery store, making my Rand stretch further
783) enjoying a braai at home with the kids and some of their friends
784) surprises I kept finding in my kitchen from my neighbour

Day 29
(3 gifts together)
785) together...me and hubby
786) blessed that our kids can relax here together with their friends
787) hubby and a friend fixing the broken washing machine together....costing us nothing!
788) long chats with my much missed "farm" sister

Day 30
(a gift heard)
789) my little nephew shouting "hey babe" as he toddles around the house

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