Monday, July 16, 2012

July's Joy Dare week 3

Life quickly becomes busy and full and it’s easy to pass by and
 not really noticing the little things to be thankful for. 
My life isn't perfect by any stretch.......
but it does have perfect moments for
which I am truly thankful to God for:

Day 10
(3 gifts in weakness)
feeling really full of flu today and weak but that means....
717) a gift of rest without feeling guilty
718) a gift of keeping warm indoors, bundled up against the cold winter weather
719) a gift of help with things that needed doing around the house... 
my sweet tween son picking up the slack as his brother and sister were out

Day 11
( a gift in a jar)
720) chocolate spread for the kids from their Oma...a real treat
721) lifts for the kids again when hubby had the car for the day
722) house full of teens this evening...happy kids

Day 12
723) my daughter treating me to lunch out today....very belated Mother's Day Gift
724) heart to heart chats with her
725) plans coming together for an exciting surprise

Day 13
726) having long overdue coffee with a dear friend
727) beautiful almost new, and some new clothes my daughter was blessed with today
728) extra kids again tonight, good food, happy, lots of laughter... oh and two more calling me mom!
729) sweet words from a sweet girl friend.... bringing smiles to my girl

Day 14
(3 gifts yellow)
730) giggling teen girls...both in yellow!

731) lemons from my mom in law's tree....lemon curd coming up!
732) tomato bushes covered in bright yellow blossoms....promise of a great harvest

Day 15
733) teen girls blessing us with a delicious breakfast of crumpets 
734) friends popping in
735) cosy, lazy day with the family all home while it was rainy and cold outside

Day 16
736) sweet baby nephew here again after the school holidays
737) friends helping me out with favours as I am pretty much housebound today with sick children
738) my monthly magazine arriving, a wonderful birthday gift from my mum that keeps on giving!

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