Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sending our second cultural exchange packs

We had signed up for a second Worldwide Culture Swap and have been collecting bits and pieces for our parcels for a while now. Due to life happening, it has taken us time to actually get them sent off , but thankfully they are now finally on their way!

Instead of sending brochures, the kids made colourful cards depicting aspects of Cape Town. We used these to write letters to the families we have sent parcels to.
K made some more of those cute felt elephants and we sent some SA flags too.

On our recent visit to The Bean People, we got some African animal bath beans to add to the packs.
We included African animal wooden stickers, postage stamps and coins.
 Rooibos tea, a traditional bobotie recipe and some African animal shaped jelly tots completed the packs.

Culture Swapper

We hope the families receiving the parcels will enjoy them!

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