Monday, August 13, 2012

Joy dare August week 2

Continuing to count my blessings daily...
many simple pleasures that I am thankful for...
the little things that add up and make it all worthwhile!

Day 8
814) lunchtime in the sun with the kids
815) relaxed evening at home, pot luck supper, neighbours coming over in their pjs laden with deserts, playing Rummikub and having fun
816) thankful that my eldest went back to training this evening after a long absence 

Day 9
817) a 4 day long weekend to enjoy with family and friends
818) my neighbour doing my hair for me
819) enjoying a long overdue dinner get together with dear family friends

Day 10
820) cuddling beautiful tiny puppies.... miss our Roxy
821)  enjoying the science centre with my youngest while the eldest did his science practicals

822) hubby making pizza for a houseful of teens to celebrate one of the their friend's birthdays when it couldn't be done in his own home....
laughter, fun, neighbours joining in for birthday cake
 and a roaring fire as it stormed outside

Day 11
823) thankful for no damage to the house as the storms rage outside again 
824) thankful for a wood fire warming the house again
825) glad to hear my sister is ok....
  snowed in for four days and thankful that my mum managed to get in safely to visit her overnight
826) blessed to be called "mom" by the kids teen friends,
love that they choose to hang out here (even though it gets loud and busy),
blessed that they all took over making burgers and chips tonight,
happy to see them all happy
827) preciousness of holding my sweet nephew until he fell asleep in my arms tonight

Day 12
828) enjoying a few hours connecting with my daughter today,
laughing hard and chatting with her
829) thankful for hubby tidying the house while we were gone
830) coffee and chats with neighbours and friends this evening
831) a call from my farm sister, good to catch up and thankful she was protected from last nights raging fires

Day 13
832) sunshine and warmth after a chilly weekend
833) good brisk walk with my neighbour and my sweet baby nephew in the pram while the kids got on with some work 
834) sweet baby toddling round the garden, munching on just picked tomatoes, gooseberries and fresh peas,
playing with water and mud in the garden,
him shrieking with delight in a bubble bath as he threw water at his cousins,
blessed that he is happy here and that we can watch him grow and be a part of his life
835) friends popping by for coffee unexpectedly
836) diligence and hard work that paid off for our eldest...
amazing surprise exam results today....
one blessed and thankful mama!


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