Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Friends

Recently I signed up for a "Just Friends " card from our local revamped Food Lovers Market. 
 Though we have a veg garden , it does not supply all our needs in terms of fruit and veg, so I usually make a trip down there once a week or at least every second week, to stock up on their fantastic specials and combo deals on fruit and veg. Sometimes the neighbours and I club together to share the deal of the day. 

What I love about this card, is that every time one visits the Food Lovers Market, you can pop into their restaurant for a free beverage....any beverage besides alcohol. A milkshake, a latte, juice or smoothie, you name it, you can enjoy it! There is no qualifying spend and one doesn't need to order a meal either. Just enjoy a coffee or whatever takes your fancy!
One can pop in there daily if you like...one free beverage per day per card-holder.
I signed hubby up too for a card, and recently we popped in there for some shopping and then enjoyed a milkshake together afterwards.
Another benefit is that one can choose to receive an sms notifying one of the current special deals. 
Certainly a good idea in my books!


  1. We have a new Food Lovers Market....when i pop in there today i am going to get one of these...thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This sounds amazing! Do you have to pay to join the friends group?

  3. Nope Mel...free membership :)


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