Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Joy dare August week 1

Oops, I suddenly realised that I had not been remembering to take note of  my blessings, despite the fact they are always on my mind. Perhaps it's because I felt I had lost an entire day due to a dreadful migraine that had me down and out earlier this past week. Never too late to catch up though.

I  recently read this quote which spoke volumes to me :
"Life can get messy and obscure our view. Those moments will always threaten.
 It's the nature of the journey." K.Rose
Yes...it can get messy due to our very nature as human beings. 
Yes.....those moments will threaten to rob us of our joy, obscuring our view and our ability to be thankful in everything. I need to constantly remember that despite whatever it is I face, there is always something I can give thanks for.

August Day 1
790) thankful for the kids who took over dinner last night when I felt rotten
791) a friend popping in unexpectedly 
792) a productive school day after all the recent challenges

Day 2
(3 gifts eaten)
793) fresh doughnuts
794) strawberries 
795)  liquorice all sorts and more,
all brought over by my neighbour for an impromptu afternoon picnic in our garden on this gorgeous sunny winter's day

Day 3
(a gift at 10h00, 13h00 and 22h00)
796) sweet baby nephew here for the morning, entertaining us with his cute antics
797) quiet lunch after a fun filled and busy morning
798) that  good feeling after having spent an evening out,
surrounded by friends and celebrating a sweet little girls birthday

Day 4
799) sharing heart to heart "mom matters" with a dear friend
800) my neighbour who kindly opened her home for a surprise birthday party for our 17 year old son...
all the kids/ teens who managed to keep it a secret and him being truly surprised....
all the work put into the planning and preparation by my daughter and their friends....
a great night of dancing and good fun!

Day 5
801) kids cooking breakfast
802) long overdue chat with my mum
803) our teens wanting our opinions and input

Day 6
804) a happy morning with my little nephew and the kids getting on with their work
805) my kind sister in law taking loads of our laundry home to wash and dry....
 and my neighbour continually letting me use her machine since ours is not fixed after all
806) my neighbour picking up a few items at the shops for me when she went to get her shopping done...
 and treating us to some cold meats to go with the bread I had asked her to get for me
807) lifts for the kids again as hubby had the car
808) a cosy wood fire going in the lounge this afternoon....
snow on the mountains made today really cold!
809) my dad, bearing tea time treats, popping in for coffee late this afternoon

Day 7
810) That He is greater than anything ...
"the one who is in you is greater than the one who is the world" 1 John 4:4
811) a day of un-rushed and enjoyable learning with my children
812) my daughter's help preparing dinner and my eldest's with the clean up after
813) relaxed evening chatting with the kids, laughing and enjoying being together

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