Monday, August 20, 2012

Joy dare August week 3

The children and I have been working through a series of  "Timely Topics for Teens".
 I loved being able to share the following with them this week...

Be grateful.

Your happiness in life doesn't depend on how you look or what you have. It depends on your attitude.
You can go through life bitter and resentful about yourself, or you can accept yourself and be thankful. You can always find something to be grateful for. A man once said, "I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."
Gratitude is happy thankfulness toward God. Gratitude gets you out of yourself and into God. God becomes the source of your happiness. Then you can get on with the real purpose of life - being what God wants you to be.

Day 14
837) a good and productive school morning
838) good nourishing food and a fire warming us again tonight

Day 15
839) lunchtime flapjacks and hot chocolate next door
840) watching all the kids (from my little nephew to the teens) enjoying playing today... 
building tall towers and watching them fall
841) the way hubby calms any upsets the kids may have...
turning tears to smiles

Day 16
( 3 gifts of family)
842) blessed by my mom in law who kindly lends us her car when ever we need a second car and is more than willing to lift the kids at other times too
843) my siblings, always there even though distance separates some of us....
they way they share in our joys and give support in the tough times....
blessed to have them in my life
844) friends who become like family

Day 17
(3 gifts in the morning)
845) the wonderful group of ladies over at the Hello Mornings Challenge...
faithful friends and prayer warriors
846) His every morning
847) sunshine after the storms, perfect for our outing to Monkey Town today

Day 18
848) the gift of our youngest..... 
celebrating his 12th birthday today.... 
blessed to be his parents
849) wonderful fun filled day celebrating....
thankful for family and friends who made his day special!
850) the sounds of my eldest playing his guitar....

Day 19
851) a late lie in, much needed after all the busyness
852) blessed to be lent a washing machine until ours gets fixed

853) beautiful Arums ...brought by my neighbour from her mom's farm

Day 20
854) hubby messaging me just to see how I am today
855) time alone browsing in the library in between running the kids around for the afternoon's activities
856) coffee with a smile from my eldest after dinner tonight
857) blessed by a sweet friend with a bag of butternuts
858) reading Ann's post...Chased by Grace and knowing it is true for me too...

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