Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with a taste of Spain

This week started with a wonderful "escape" for me. My sister and I spent Sunday night in the wine-lands with our dear Aunt and Uncle. 

We walked in the vineyards, enjoyed conversations and memories of days gone by, ate our fill on a delicious home cooked dinner and slept soundly in the equivalent of "grandma's feather bed". A wonderful time of recharging before the busy week ahead. 

Keren spent most of her week working for hours on her pencil drawing assignment. Despite the long hours, her picture was not complete by the end of the week in order for it to go on exhibition in Copenhagen. The quality however was excellent and had it been completed, it would have been sent.  
She received her term art mark and has done really well with an overall mark of 89%. We are so happy for her.

Zak spent the week tying up loose ends and completing sections of work that needed completing. I was grateful that hubby worked from home on the day he needed extra help with math. 

There was connect group this week, crochet group and Zak joined the monthly home school outing to the ice rink. We had the pleasure of visiting our niece's first term photographic exhibition at the Cape Town School of Photography last night.

We received an exciting Worldwide Culture Swap parcel from a family in Barcelona, Spain this week. 

We learned about Barcelona, Spain and enjoyed listening to a CD of flamenco guitar music by Paco de Lucia .There were photos and a collage of the family's local beach made by their little girl and a wonderful book on Picasso.

Their children drew us cute pictures of tortilla and sangria and we look forward to trying out the kid friendly sangria recipe.

We received a pencil , soccer cards, shells, a magnet and postcard of Barcelona, a wonderful Spanish Tapas recipe Book and Turron. Turron is a tasty confection made of honey, sugar and egg white with toasted almonds.....scrumptious!

Zak and I made Tortilla Espanola for lunch today. Such a simple and tasty dish!

And now we are going to enjoy a week off school until the new term begins!

Culture Swapper

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