Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keep counting....

Sometimes with life's twists and turns, noticing and counting gifts and blessings is not foremost on my mind, but as Ann Voskamp says,
 "The only way to keep in time with your Beloved — is to keep counting blessings. The way to keep the rhythm of life — is to count the ways He loves."

1913) a wonderful picnic and evening under the starry skies watching Shakespeare with loved ones
1914) a surprise on my pillow
1915) conversations with my farm sister
1916) family dinner by candlelight to celebrate Valentines
1917) thankful for His amazing provision
1918) a walk on the beach hand in hand with hubby, pink skies and rising moon
1919) more unexpected grace and favour
1920) conversations with my gorgeous almost 3 year old nephew
1921) my sweet niece here for dinner unexpectedly
1922) moonlight swim with my youngest, thankful for our pool in this heatwave
1923) thankful for this mornings walk with my girl
1924) blessed by daily readings of the Word with my youngest
1925) good coffee made by eldest, enjoyed daily
1926) new connections with people in the church
1927) a wonderful evening shared with a special sweet friend
1928) blessing of a month free at the gym for my daughter and myself
1929) hubby's helping hands in the kitchen when I wasn't feeling well
1930) thankful for rest
1931) milk tart, a treat from our eldest
1932) thankful for wonderful youth pastors
1933) friends sharing in thankfulness and filling our chalkboard with their own thanks
1934) relaxed afternoon braai with friends, swimming , laughter and good food
1935) my youngest, the two of us laughing loud while learning
1936) thankful for ladies meeting together, being real, laughing and sharing
1937) a morning off school with my younger two
1938) wonderful evening meal at my brother and his wife
1939) blessed by this morning's message in church
1940) grateful for encouragement and conversations with my sister
1941) early morning cup of coffee delivered to my bedside by hubby
1942) dinner cooked for us by my neighbour, good food and good company
1943) sleeping in, much needed
1944) encouraging messages from my Mum this week
1945) knowing she prays daily for us
1946) houseful of happy teens, loud laughter and fun
1947) thankful for vegetables from our garden
1948) thankful for good school days


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