Monday, March 17, 2014

Counted blessings

Counting the ways He loves...

1949) an evening shared with a special friend
1950) thankful for 22 years of marriage and simple celebrations
1951) the sound and rhythm of the waves, the scent of sea air, hubby beside me
1952) good brisk morning walk to clear the cobwebs and boost serotonin levels
1953) a kind friend bringing some when we were out of coffee
1954) my dear sweet friend lifting my spirits and dropping by unexpectedly with a delicious pie
1955) house full of happy teens again on a Saturday evening, love that they love being here
1956) His word this morning, cheer filled church service, reminded of His blessings
1957) rest 
1958) a more relaxed school day than usual on a Monday morning
1959) my sweetest visitor here, my almost 3 year old nephew

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