Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: the one with virtual knee surgery

Days seem to run into one another and are bursting with busyness....

We have been reading Ephesians and poetry; learning about gerunds and the writing process; fractions, percents and decimals; democratic structures and design elements; the skeletal system, muscles and more. Crochet class, connect group and cupcake baking, basketball and early morning walks and more driving lessons. Youth group and another fun run. 

We had great fun with virtual knee surgery......
(click on the link and give it a bash)

at least I had great fun watching Zak's reactions...

He will definitely not be taking after his neurosurgeon Grandpa!

Keren received her results for her Mona Lisa art assignment. Her teacher commented that her enthusiasm and joy shows in her work. She did fantastically well with an overall mark of 89%. Wonderful for her after all the hard work she put in!

Her new project has been set and promises to be exciting. 
"More than Lines" is being run by a visiting artist, Kasper Kobke, from Copenhagen. He is a renowned pencil artist and wonderful teacher too. His drawings are photo-realistic and life like. She is blessed to have the opportunity to be taught by such a talented artist. The students who produce the best works over the next few weeks will have their work sent to Copenhagen for exhibition as part of the UNESCO International Arts Education Week in May. 

I had to smile when Keren made me a lovely cup of coffee in her mug at the end of the busy week, yes, we will KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!


  1. The virtual knee surgery is too cool! Thanks so much for sharing about it!


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