Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: the holiday week

The week whizzed by far too fast for a holiday, but the kids made the most of their week off school . There were movies and visits with friends, there were sleep ins, sleep outs and sleep overs. On Wednesday evening the connect group teens decided to have an all night stay awake and movie marathon. The lounge was strewn with pillows and blankets and long legged teens...they had fun!

On a perfect, crisp Autumn morning Keren and I had some girls time out and went for tea at a delightful place we haven't been to before.

It was wonderful to connect with her as she has hardly been home over the last week. We relaxed in the beautiful garden, enjoying red cuppachino and chai latte and the soothing sound of the fountain.

We had surprises from the post office. 
I won 10 kg of assorted biscuits which came in handy with all the extra teens around. We also received another Worldwide Culture Swap parcel from North Dakota, USA.

Flags, a puzzle, coins, pamphlets, a letter, sunflower seeds, tootsie rolls and chocolate coins, a fridge magnet and a key ring made up this fun pack. We are grateful for this fun exchange and learning more about other cultures.  

The younger two enjoyed youth group on Friday evening and have been making the most of the weekend.  It's back to school next week!

Culture Swapper


  1. Sounds like your morning was perfect!! Love the new pack, too!

    1. It was wonderful, love our Mom and daughter dates :)


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