Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Short Week

The short school week went by in a flash. Keren and Zak tackled their work daily with great attitude.  There were tests and new concepts and revision too. Zak was thrilled to learn that he is moving onto a new unit in History, Ancient China. He had asked me a few weeks back if he could learn about Ancient China. What a blessing that it has come up in his studies and I don't have to plan a unit as it's all done for me!

 He enjoyed learning about Confucius and had fun making a copy of the five virtues of Confucius.

There was art too.....always art!

Quality pencil drawings by Keren.

Just love Zak's chameleon!

And a lovely Worldwide Culture Swap parcel from France.

In the package there was an informative letter, CD, sweets, a French book, postcard, some pamphlets, stickers, money, and a  magazine. We had fun learning a little about France. 

Thursday brought a lovey surprise around lunchtime! My sister arrived two days early to come and spend the night . We invited our niece to join us for dinner and surprised her too.

 That evening we did a fun Easter egg hunt for the teens as they wont be home on Easter. They had a blast and turned my lounge upside down hunting for Easter treats.

Good Friday was good, ever so good. Church with the family and communion was precious. After church we enjoyed hot cross buns and coffee with my in laws and then the younger two set off on church camp. 

I know they are having a good time but I miss having them around the house. 

Culture Swapper

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